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The goals of Seraj Cylinder Company

With the development of the manufacturing industry and increasing demand for green house gases, the CNG Cylinder Seraj Khoy factory started to operate and build its own line of production in order to supply part of the country ‘s needs for the production of oxygen cylinders since 2009.

The first phase of the factory was opened in February 2016 with an annual production of 120000 medical and industrial cylinders with volumes of 20 to 130 liters.

All products of the factory are manufactured according to national standards ( ISIRI 7909) and international standard ( ISO 9809) , in cooperation with the internal and international company, under the supervision of the National Institute of Standards of Iran.

The Second phase was launched in 2017with the capacity of producing 130000 CNG cylinders annually in volumes from 30 to 180 liters in accordance with national standards ( ISIRI 7598) and international standards ( ISO 11439),( ECE R110).



The Laboratory of CNG Cylinder Seraj Khoy Co. in order to improve and guarantee the quality of its products , have manufactured its products with the certificate of competence of the partner laboratory by the Bureau of Standards  and Industrial Research of Iran, as well as possession of the most advanced equipment and experienced personnel, all stages and processes of production of cylinder is inspected and tested from raw materials ( seamless pipe) to the delivery of the cylinder by the customer.

In this regard, the following tests are performed on the production tanks:

  • Impact test
  • Burst test
  • Bullet penetration test
  • Pressure cycling test
  • Hardness test
  • Hydrostatic test
  • Tensile test – Bending test
  • Exposure test
  • Leakage test before failure of CNG tank
  • MT test and etc.